Sale of 100% share in Plastics Recycling Business

CIGP successfully advised the company and owner of MaxCo Polska in the 100% sale of the business to a powerhouse in the plastic recycling business, XL Recycling (trading under the Reborn Group).

Transaction Highlights

CIGP acted as the exclusive sell-side financial advisor to the shareholder of a Polish PET plastic recycling specialist, on the sale of a 100% stake in its business, to a French stalwart in the plastic circular economy.

MaxCo Polska’s main business is in Poly-Ethylene (PE) granulation, commonly used for the packaging of plastic bottles and other consumer goods products. The Company collects quality plastic feedstocks from long-time suppliers across Europe, sorts, filters and pelletizes it into r-PE pellets ensuring it is re-used.

The buyer is a French plastic recycler and convertor with over 50 years of polyethylene experience. It is specialized in the developing and recycling of LDPE packaging film, for the agri-food, hygiene, construction and even the logistics sector.

The transaction aimed at expanding the brand’s operations in Central Europe and Asia. Leveraging on their existing customer base for packaging films to jumpstart the waste management and collection services. It also emphasizes CIGP’s contribution to a sustainable future by advising entrepreneurs passionate about the Circular Economy.

Role of CIGP

Global execution process: CIGP conducted a comprehensive process, including preparing relevant documentation, accompanying the seller through due diligence, assisting with contract negotiations, and managing the conclusion of the transaction process.

Global network and industry expertise: CIGP leveraged its understanding and networks in sectors such as Plastic Recycling, Closed Loop Systems and Sustainability. CIGP’s global presence allowed it to successfully close this cross-border transaction. CIGP brought in interest from several financial and strategic investors and assisted its client in assessing its options, while identifying the optimal transaction structure offering the best chance of success.