We create value for our clients and give them the insight they need to operate successfully.

This requires more than just our decades of track record, expertise and wealth management experience; it requires actionable market intelligence, insight and idea generation.

We constantly monitor global financial markets, providing the basis of our advice and investment ideas. We have strong convictions, but we never let them get in the way of facts. Our collegial approach is based on team-based decision making, which allows ideas and insight to emerge organically from every part of the business.

Our research team focuses on macroeconomic strategy, covering developed markets and emerging markets, while identifying and analysing investment opportunities across:

  • FX/currencies
  • Equities
  • Fixed income
  • Equity-linked/convertible bonds
  • Investment funds
  • Multi-asset class investment strategies.

Our in-house research fuels our innovative strategies, for every asset class, region and sector, and allows us to add the most value to our clients’ lives.

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