As private bankers for entrepreneurs and their families, our success is built on adapting to a changing world and always focusing on being a source of stability and trust for our clients.

Our independence makes us a reliable partner that is always free to focus completely on solving the problems our clients face.

Our values underpin everything we do and help guide our investment approach:


Our open, client-oriented architecture means that our clients can always access a broad range of investment opportunities globally.

From listed to private financial products, we carefully vet and curate our clients’ investment portfolios without any conflict of interest. We focus on capital preservation.


We support each and every one of our clients as they pursue their own investment objectives, using tailor-made frameworks based on their investment style and risk appetite.

We’ll provide you with customized discretionary, advisory and execution-only investment solutions. We are skilled across all asset classes, globally, distilling over five decades of success into investment strategies that turn objectives into results.


As well as our knowledge and insight, our clients always benefit from robust execution capabilities. Our broad and comprehensive network of investment specialists and resources are always on hand to boost our capabilities.

Investment Strategy

Every client is unique. Our independence allows us to treat you that way.

We create tailor-made investment strategies that always work towards your goals. We always start with your current, specific situation, your risk tolerance and appetite and your personal requirements.

We take all of this information and work with you to draw up the appropriate and corresponding investor profile. Collaborating at every stage of the investment process means every aspect of our investment relationship is transparent and focused.

Whether you are funding your retirement, preparing for a major purchase or laying the foundations for your children’s education, our tailored approach always balances wealth preservation and capital appreciation.

Investment Philosophy

Building the right investment strategy requires discipline, skill, adaptability and effective risk management.

We give our clients all of this, but what makes us unique is our innovation and our commitment to ensuring stability and continuity.

CIGP was built by entrepreneurs five decades ago, and our success since then results from being understanding, trustworthy and committed partners to high-net-worth individuals, business owners and families globally.  

We focus on capital preservation, trust and long-term risk-adjusted performance, allowing us to safeguard our clients’ wealth for over 50 years. But we are not complacent – we grow your capital through hard work, dedication and systematic portfolio management.

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