1 Main Competition
February 4, 2021

Hong Kong Dragon Class Championship

1 Main Competition

Sailing through the best of Hong Kong’s monsoon

CIGP was a proud sponsor of the 2020 Hong Kong Dragon Class Championship, a major sailing competition event organized by the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, off Middle Island, Hong Kong.

The race was fought in dire weather conditions, by some of the best sailing crews in the Hong Kong Bay area, that saw 18 ships competing – not all to come back undamaged!

Dragons were designed in 1929 by Johan Anker to provide an inexpensive family yacht to cruise around the Norwegian fjords. They quickly gained wide popularity throughout Europe, becoming an Olympic Class for several decades.

The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club is an association that gathers members passionate about the sports of sailing, rowing and paddling as well as our environment, particularly the health of our oceans.

CIGP sponsored a competition that is dear to its core values: sustainability, trust and respect.

2 Dragon Competition


Images: Takumi Images Panda Man