Overview of Asian Market

Asia is widely recognised as one of the most important contributors to the world economy.

It has been experiencing sustainable growth fueled by its abundant resources, young demographic and low-cost working population. The emergence and expansion of the Asian middle class has created a new generation of consumers with significant disposable income. This is reshaping Asian economies from export-led, low-cost producers to self-sustaining, consumer-led markets. Meanwhile, accelerating urbanization and industrialization processes have also led to rising demand for the provision of services, technology driven offering and a need for further infrastructure development.

As Asian economies evolve and become more sophisticated, their financial markets are deepening and widening, creating more opportunities for investors. Undoubtedly, this region will grow in both scale, global influence and shape the next phase of global development.

Deal-making in Asia

Asia has been playing an increasingly important role in global M&A and is increasingly becoming one of the most popular destinations for global investors. The technology sector in particular is attracting considerable attention, as businesses seek to enhance their R&D capabilities and propel growth through external acquisitions of high-tech targets. Consumer-related sectors are also experiencing considerable growth driven by the increasing purchasing power of Asia’s expanding middle-class population.

However, the fragmented nature of most Asian economies, differentiated market structures as well as intricate political and legal systems can make it complicated for both Asian and International players to capture M&A opportunities in Asia. These complex dynamics create a need for experienced advisers with local market knowledge and resources when carrying out M&A deals in the region.

Combining our multinational exposure with a strong local presence in Asia, CIGP is well placed to assist both Asian and international businesses and investors. Our local team in Asia has capabilities in investment banking and corporate finance advisory, ensuring every aspect of the transaction is well considered.

CIGP has built a successful track-record advising on a wide range of transactions across various industries in Asia. Refer to our case studies for recent examples.

Entrepreneurship Boom in Asia

Today, Asia is seeing the emergence of a wave of successful entrepreneurs. With eyes opened to the range of growth opportunities in the region, more and more people are pursuing entrepreneurial ventures.

However, legacy public systems and nascent financial markets have posed significant challenges for Asian entrepreneurs and business owners, making it difficult for them to access capital and inorganic growth opportunities through M&A.

CIGP is well positioned to help clients navigate these local challenges and unlock business opportunities in Asia by drawing upon its long-standing entrepreneurial origins to create tailored solutions for clients, providing services in investment banking, asset management and private banking.

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