Global Custody is offered in:
Hong Kong

A reliable way to manage and monitor your assets.

We are not only a source of expertise and support for our clients; we are also a source of stability. We provide a comprehensive global custody service to independent asset managers, fund managers and family offices, with a single-entry point and a full, consolidated overview.

By taking the responsibility off your shoulders and offering tailored reporting, we make it simpler for you to identify opportunities and mitigate risks.

Our global custody services have been carefully built upon the following:


Safe-keeping of securities, cash and other assets, and worldwide clearing and settlement of transactions.

We also provide corporate and administrative notifications and collect interest, dividends and principal repayments.


We design solutions that emphasize safe custody and efficient management of your assets within our global sub-custodian network. Our centralized platform gives you comprehensive reporting of individual and consolidated client portfolios.


Our platform allows for all your partners, such as external asset managers and brokers, to link up to our infrastructure.

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