Fund Structuring & Administration is offered in:
Hong Kong

We are experts in structuring, launching and administering individual and tailor-made fund solutions dedicated to investment professionals worldwide.

Our dedicated fund administration platform services the majority of fund types, no matter how simple or how complex and sophisticated. Whether you need an umbrella fund or a segregated portfolio company (SPC), our expert fund administration team can create a solution that helps you meet your objectives.

The solutions we design and implement for our clients are based on the following principles:


As well as net asset value (NAV) calculation and distribution of daily, weekly, quarterly or yearly NAVs, our platform offers unbiased pricing and fund reconciliation and portfolio verification, ensuring accuracy and accountability.

Cash management is made simple with daily reconciliations of cash balances and positions with a prime broker.


Our pricing, asset reconciliation and portfolio valuation is unbiased, ensuring accuracy and accountability.

Regardless of the fund structure, you will always benefit from comprehensive investor services, swift processing and easy access to accurate and transparent financial information, offering full flexibility in terms of reporting currencies and valuation periods.

We provide you with quasi-real-time processing, and accurate financial information delivery, in a transparent multi-currency format and across flexible valuation periods.


Calculations across all asset classes are automated, as is the upload of trading activity from the investment managers trading system or prime broker. Investment managers and/or relevant third parties have web access to source the information they need easily.

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