Cash Management is offered in:
Hong Kong

We help you optimize your cash and liquidity management.

Our platform provides you with quick and reliable domestic and international payments. Our varied range of products and solutions means we can address your own, specific needs.

Our services, typically serving CFOs and Treasurers of public and private companies, are designed to make your life easier, through:


We offer a full range of multi-currency and multi-purpose accounts, as well as domestic and international transaction payment processing.


We streamline the management of your processes and optimize your funding requirements, creating the most cost-effective and simple way to deal with your residual liquidity and cash.

Our reader-friendly e-platform allows you to access all your transaction details at any time.


We are results oriented. We strengthen your returns by allocating spare liquidity to attractive fiduciary contracts or aggregating your cash/liquidity balances across multiple accounts or legal entities into a cash pool. Cash pooling and zero-balancing automates the sweeping of spare liquidity funds between your accounts.

Thanks to our partnerships with globally renowned issuers, you can access a selected number of debit/credit cards, giving you direct access to your liquidity and simplifying your and your company’s expenses.

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