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Understanding the actual value of your company can help you make the right strategic decisions in your company’s lifecycle. Whether you are an entrepreneur about to raise equity for your next funding round, an accomplished CEO preparing for the sale of your business or a company looking to assess an add-on acquisition, it is vital to understand the fair value of the target asset or company. Going through such a tedious process can be daunting and requires specific know-how, industry data and market intelligence that may not be easily accessible.

At CIGP, we help you navigate this process in a simple and effective way, allowing you to confidently assess the value of a company, asset or project, based on objective methodologies and industry-standard valuation processes.

Why value your company?

There comes a time when assessing the value of a company (or an asset) may be required, whether for transactional purpose (preparing for the sale of a business, or the acquisition of another one), strategic reasons (assessing the relevance / timing of a transaction), in anticipation of shareholder disputes or a generational transition, preparing for minority / majority shareholders’ exit or simply for reference / indicative purposes.

To determine this value, the process is as important as its end result, as its understanding will give you the right tools to support your view and get the most value off the table.

At CIGP, we help you navigate through such a process in an unbiased and independent way through:

Offering granular and meaningful insight as to a company’s fundamental value;

  • Providing the right negotiation tools to support you in the sale of your company or the purchase of a strategic asset;
  • Assessing the most appropriate time to purchase or sell a company;
  • Preparing you for each step of the negotiation process.
Value Your Company

Our Methodology

We take the time to carefully understand the context of the valuation as a whole in order to apply the most appropriate valuation methodologies. We consider your company’s activity, its markets and sectors in which it operates, the stage of its lifecycle as well as its actual and future strategy, whilst assessing the risks it faces.

Our valuation efforts are not only derived from the assessment of financial information but also from the modelling of the company’s long-term growth prospects, cost of capital and return on capital employed. In addition, we use the latest industry-standards and best market practices in valuation methodologies to provide a diligent overview.

As such, no matter which valuation methodology we apply, we believe it is essential to provide relevant contextual information to the end result, for it to be meaningful and adequately interpreted to fit your objectives.

Our investment banking professionals are available to discuss with you directly regarding your specific project or case, feel free to reach out to us.

Our Competitive Edge

From the first interaction to the final debrief, our specialists will work with your team and explain the valuation process, methodologies and underlying rationale for our assessment.

Our team of highly motivated investment banking professionals relies on decades of industry and financial expertise across most Developed and Emerging Markets.

Our independent and objective approach is our competitive advantage and allows all parties to come to an optimal agreement.

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